Embedded app

Embedded app

What is Purchase Inbox?

Purchase Inbox is an application that helps the end user to automate every purchase invoice process up to 85%. Read more from here or see the figure.

What is the embedded app?

The embedded app is a solution where YOUR users can use Purchase Inbox inside your software. You can whether add Purchase Inbox as an iframe into your application or open it in a new browser tab, when the user clicks on a specific button/functionality in your software.

How does the embedded app work?

By clicking the integrated button inside your software, the user gets redirected to the Purchase Inbox interface in their browser, where all functionalities are instantly ready to be used. There are two options to choose from:

  • Purchase Inbox opens in a separate browser tab and the user continues to work alongside your program;
  • Purchase Inbox is integrated inside your software using the HTML iframe tag (window inside window).

The functions of the Purchase Inbox may also be used partially, e.g. as a storage for all your purchase invoice files, which can be reached with a single click (you can program a separate button for each specific function).

Opening the embedded app can be done via simple button as seen from the following video.

What are the benefits for the end user?

  • The user can utilise features that have previously not been there for them in your software;
  • All necessary user data may be imported while the user is creating the Purchase Inbox account, which allows your users to save time on the initial setup and start operating the app right away.

What are the benefits for you?

  • You don’t have to develop (and maintain) some functionalities that your users can use, meaning we take care of the everyday improvements and updates in Purchase Inbox;
  • Earn more money by up selling the additional features inside your software, we provide you a personalized pricing plan and split the revenue;
  • You may have the Purchase Inbox look exactly like a part of your software, as we can optionally provide adjustable design of our integrated interface (custom skins).

How does the integration work?


ERPLY Books offers two implementation methods of the Purchase Inbox integration.


What are the steps to integrate the embedded app into your software?

  1. At first, we need to establish a partnership agreement;
  2. Secondly, you add the Purchase Inbox functionality button(s) into your software interface;
  3. Thirdly, we set the method of the invoice data exchange – whether we send it to you or you ask the data from us (see the figure below);
  4. We establish the way how you create the new user account in Purchase Inbox. There are two options:
    1. You let the user do everything manually (create account at app.purchaseinbox.com, and then copy the API token and paste it to your application);
    2. Automatic account creation: In case the user wants to create an account in the Purchase Inbox, you send us a call with all the necessary information for the account creation (organisation name, user name, chart of accounts (optional), list of suppliers (optional), list of tax rates (optional), and we will send you the API token and the Purchase Inbox email. This option is much easier for the end user but takes more time to implement.

your applicationAPI tokens are used for user identification and authorisation. Every user and every organisation receives a unique API token. The communication between both apps can work both ways: either you call for the purchase invoice information or we do the callback (see the figure on the right). Usage of our callback is only possible in case you have the in-browser software.








For further discussion please contact us at info@purchaseinbox.com. We can schedule a webinar in order to get you more acquainted with the product and get a closer look at its benefits.