ERPLY Books is an accounting software for small businesses and enterprises

  • ERPLY Books has all the necessary accounting features from automatic bank import, purchase management to reports that make sense.
  • Countries don’t set limitation on the usage of ERPLY Books. Only condition is having an internet access.
  • Its cloud-based technology has advantages over traditional software. ERPLY Books lets you access your data at anytime from anywhere. Regular updates are uploaded immediately after they are done!
  • You don’t have to be an accountant to use ERPLY Books, we have made accounting simple for you!


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How do ERPLY Books and Purchase Inbox work together?

ERPLY Books and Purchase Inbox are completely connected. Purchase Inbox helps to make your or your accountant’s life so much easier. It automates the whole purchasing process. 

Purchase Inbox helps your suppliers and customers to connect with you. You have your own personal email in ERPLY Books. That helps you manage your invoicing. It means that all sent documents and invoices will be in one place. It provides that none of the documents go missing. By sending files over to that email, they will be automatically stored in ERPLY Books, so this works as a good archiving system. Then you can see “pending” files in ERPLY Books and easily create purchase invoices.

Purchase Inbox includes the PDF invoice capture feature. If your supplier sends you an invoice in readable PDF format, then ERPLY Books can read it automatically with 70-80% of confidence. By reading PDF invoice, ERPLY Books prepares the purchase invoice and you just have to verify if parser’s work was successful.

Invoice approval is also an important feature in Purchase Inbox and in ERPLY Books. This feature makes sure, that unapproved invoices will not be sent out. In ERPLY Books, you can add different confirmation rules that are suitable just for you. You can determine people who definitely have to approve your invoice. All that it ensures is that you have control over invoices that are sent out from ERPLY Books.

Purchase Inbox helps to automate the managing of your purchase invoicing as much as possible.



Benefits for users

Purchase Inbox

Purchase Inbox automates the entire purchasing process. It simplifies invoicing remarkably

Invoice approval

Invoice approval system provides, that unapproved invoices will not be sent out. You can add different conformation rules that are suitable just for you.

Your personal email address

Unique email address allows your customers and suppliers to send their invoices and documents directly to Purchase Inbox. That makes managing files, documents and emails easy!

Archiving documents

Purchase Inbox archives all the sent documents. So your files will be safely stored for as long as you want to.

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