Purchase Inbox collects your cheques & invoices

Purchase inbox helps you to automate the purchase process. By sending files or pictures of documents via email to your purchase inbox or uploading them manually, you can easily create new invoices from them. You have your unique email, where your customers and suppliers can send invoices that will be automatically stored in Purchase Inbox.
You can rely on e-invoice or PDF  to automatically read information files. The probability of new PDF parsing is about 70% – but you can always add your own rules to automate it for existing suppliers. Parsing does not take only supplier name and invoice amount – it also reads inventory products and connects expenses to Xero expense account. You can choose whether to use or not to use invoice approval – this way you can add users that will approve or decline invoices.



Purchase Inbox

Purchase Inbox helps you to contact with your customers, reporting persons and suppliers. They can send all their invoices into one place – Purchase Inbox. In addition, it makes your accountant life easier, because Purchase Inbox helps to manage invoicing and to have a control over expenses.

  • All documents are in one place and archived – it means that none of the files go missing;
  • PDF invoice capture and automatic processing of e-invoices helps to compile all invoices;
  • invoice approval helps to track statuses of invoices.




Invoice approval

It’s a system for both small businesses and enterprises. You can determine different approving rules and specific persons for confirmation so you can be sure that unapproved invoices will not be send out.

  • Add rules for those who have to approve invoices and who can only record invoices;
  • when using purchase inbox, it is possible to import purchase invoices straight into the system and approve or reject them, at the same time when PDF view is opened;
  • Keep track who has rejected and who has confirmed an invoice;
  • Those who are very busy can receive an email, if invoice needs approval from them – send them this automatically or do this manually when necessary.




Automate purchase process with PDF and image recognition

This feature helps you to compile invoices. Forget about manual data entry! All important information like product, supplier, date, total amount, quantity, invoice lines, row codes and invoice number will be added automatically to your invoice.

  • Save time and forget about manual data entry;
  • Automate your work;
  • Image capturing- Purchase Inbox supports OCR (optical character recognition) method with pictures. This method can read out dates, suppliers and sums. Therefore, take a picture of a paper invoice and upload it with a phone. With the OCR method, we can make an invoice from a picture;
  • PDF capturing means that the PDF parser can read 80% of PDF files. It reads the exact information, e.g. deadline, sum, supplier, invoice rows;
  • The parser can read out up to 100% of the information from e-invoices. It means that the result depends on how well supplier has compiled the e-invoice.





Personal email

This unique email helps you to be connected with your customers, suppliers and reporting persons. It sends emails directly to Purchase Inbox, and that makes managing invoicing simple!

  • Make sure that your documents arrive to one place – Purchase Inbox;
  • All information in one place.





You don’t have to convert anything to another file type. We do that! Also, all your documents will be archived by the system and if you want to see these in future, they will still be there.

  • Files are archived and connected with invoices;
  • Connect more than one file or price offer with an invoice;
  • Our cloud-based technology gives access to your documents in any time you need;
  • Don’t worry about some documents getting lost;
  • Stop worrying about saving paper documents- upload or send them into purchase inbox and they will be archived as long as you need them to be.




Everything about payables

Purchase Inbox has lots of flexibility, when connecting expenses with cost centers. You can split expenses between cost centers, connect expenses with multiple dimensions and add your own dynamic expense categories.

  • See expenditures separately by customers, projects etc.;
  • Send balance statements to suppliers;
  • Have control over your finances;
  • See expenses by one or multiple dimensions;
  • Add rules for automatic expense split;
  • Add project groups (i.e. cars, employees, conferences) to more easily select and filter dimensions;
  • Track total expenses for projects and objects.




Create checks, SEPA payments and ABA files

With Purchase Inbox, you can make simplified purchase process by selecting purchase invoices you want to pay for and create a payment file for them.

  • European Union: create SEPA payment file;
  • Australia: create ABA file;
  • Other countries: create remittance advice or print checks.





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