Flexible pricing

 14 days free trial period includes all offered features

0 USD per month 10 USD per month 50 USD/month
Your own alias: Yes Yes Yes
Users 1 2 10
Invoices 0.15 USD per invoice 0.15 USD per invoice Unlimited
Image/PDF capturing Yes Yes Yes
Manage Payables 1 USD Yes Yes
Create checks / SEPA payments 1 USD Yes Yes
Dimensions, tags, projects 1 USD 1 USD Yes
Invoice Approval 10 USD 10 USD Yes
Send balance statements to suppliers 10 USD 10 USD Yes

Price plans include Xero, quickbooks and MYOB integrations.

NB! Price is VAT exclusive. VAT will be added to EU customers based on the Member State (where the customer is located)VAT rate, unless a valid VAT number is provided.

We can help you automate every single purchase invoice

3 USD per invoice.
We will add rules for every purchase invoice so when it arrives to Purchase Inbox, then the system knows how to add the right accounts, amounts etc. Also, user can add optional rules (send invoice to invoice confirmation or straight to bank). It’s OK to send it straight to bank, in bank you have to confirm the payment anyway.



Additional activities

Onboarding 100 USD per hour
Importing suppliers 50 USD
Importing the chart of accounts 50 USD
Additional user 10 USD


Customers can change the package anytime they want. In addition, when customers exceed the limit of the package, then it’s possible to change the existing package for larger one. In order to change the package, go to “Settings” > “Pricing” > Choose the plan.

When you change your package to a bigger one in the middle of the current month, then the price for this month is the new – bigger package price. When you change your package to a smaller version in the middle of the month, then the price stays the same for that month and you will start to pay for the smaller package in the next month.

We support credit card and PayPal payments. For enterprise solutions we also provide online payments. Contact sales for more information.




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