QuickBooks online software gives you the things you need the most to run your small business – all in one place.

  • Secure access anytime, on any device – your data is completely secure in the cloud, allowing you to run your business from your Mac, PC, tablet or phone.
  • Easily track cash flow  send quotes and invoices, track sales and expenses and scan receipts.
  • Reports and insights – create accounting reports like balance sheets, profit & loss reports, so you are ready for tax time.

You can find more information on QuickBooks’ web page https://quickbooks.intuit.com/




Integration with QuickBooks


When you sign up, you have to choose, which partner you’d like to integrate with. Go to Settings > Integrations > choose QuickBooks.

For QuickBooks, you need to connect Purchase Inbox using your QuickBooks app. You have to do this process once:  Click Settings > Integrations > choose QuickBooks > click Connect.

After you have done the setup, remember: once the document is created and confirmed (depending if you use invoice approval or not) the purchase invoice will be instantly synchronised to QuickBooks.



How QuickBooks and Purchase Inbox work together?

Upload your files to Purchase Inbox

Your supplier can send all purchase documents to your Purchase Inbox by email. All files are archived automatically and forever.

Purchase Inbox

Purchase Inbox automatically recognises PDF invoices and helps automating other invoices. With automatic archiving, flexible approval process, full scale payables features it can reduce up to 80% of time spent on purchase invoices.


All purchase invoices are sent to QuickBooks instantly after you add them (with correct expense accounts and other settings).



What do You get from QuickBooks integration?


Purchase Inbox

Purchase Inbox automates the entire purchasing process: archiving files (100%), creating purchase documents (up to 80%) and managing payables (up to 80%).

Invoice approval

Invoice approval is a functionality for making sure every invoice gets approved before it is paid. You can automatically send all the approval requests to the user’s email. You can add rules for more complex approval process etc.

Your personal email address

You have your unique email that allows your suppliers to send their invoices and documents directly to Purchase Inbox.

Archiving documents

Purchase Inbox archives all purchase documents. One invoice can have unlimited files attached to it.

NB! You will find more information about our features here.